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Date posted: 16/03/2013

Lighting Engineering 

Euro standard lighting are trained and capable of assisting you in your lighting design. We have the capabilities and expertise to support customers in their competitive environment. Euro standard lighting products are designed by designer with many years of experience. Our creative vision and the willingness to incorporate input from customers, architects or engineers, make Euro standard lighting products and custom design versatile and capable to meet project specifications, requirement, and even environmental prerequisite. Aware of environmental responsibility, we put in vast effort and time into creating an energy-efficient and quality lighting products. We paid great deal of attention to crafting products which have improved lighting visibility without sacrificing Uniformity and Photometrics distribution effectiveness.

3D luminaire design

Ligman products are designed using 3 dimensional Software which enable the preview of our design, layout, and its visual aesthetics. 3D modeling enables the creation of mechanical parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings to be scrutinize by the design team before production. These benefits make 3D software an essential process in this fast pace market requirement of Quality products.

Optical design

Optical design (including REFLECTOR, REFRACTOR, and LENS) is the process of designing using ray tracing software. These approaches simplify the designing process and eliminate time-consuming design calculations. The three dimensional modeling, calculating and optical design allow accurate evaluations of multiple materials, multiple lamps type and vast center of focus. All calculations are performed to provide accurate prototype design to meet the design goal. Results can be verified and refinement can be done in a virtual world, eliminating prototyping cost and time constraint through electronics documentation.

High efficacy & efficiency light output

Our in-house capabilities allow us to design our products to have a highest efficacy and energy-efficiency fit to any specifications. We choose the best reflector material for our light source to achieve a harmonized Lighting product. We integrate the best electrical component to our products to attain energy efficient output.

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