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Adjustable projector VENICE MPT 408 G12

Adjustable projector VENICE MPT 408 G12

• Venice is a range of adjustable projectors with intergrated electronic gear and choices of aluminum reflectors for CDM/HCI and LED for direct mounting on universal tracks. VENICE has one family design with control gear nicely hidden when mounting on tracks. The range can be fitted with various accessories and lighting controls for wide range of lighting effects.
Housing and reflectors
• Housing is made of dia-casting aluminium and full spray-coated treatment in white, silver of black finish, no rust will appear in normal indoor use.
• Reflectors are made of pure aluminium formed in 10o, 15o, 24o, 45o following K-beam catagories.
• Multi position rotation system: the position can be adjusted in many positions point from 0 to 350o degree, making it perfect means of setting lighting points.
• Advance electronic gear that make Venice miniturized design for architectural intergration, constant high quality lighting effect& flecking-free and energy saving.
Application place
• Small independent food/non-food shops, Department stores, fashion shops and High-end car showrooms and other luxury spaces, etc.
Mounting and maintenance
• Mounting: Direct on 2 universal 2 circuit track (T5) with universal adaptor.
• Safty distance: 0.5m
• Maintenance: Direct lamp access while removing front.
Designed and manufactured to comply with:
• EN 60598.
• Class I.
• IP 20.
• CE.




Optinal ID

MPT 408 CDM-R PAR 20 35/70W E27 Metal Halide

MPT 408 CDM-T 35/70W G12 Metal Halide

MPT 408 LED 12x1W

Reflector angle 10o 15o 24o40o

With integral electronic control gear 220-240V 50/60Hz


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MPT 408 G12
MPT 408 G12

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