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Date posted: 07/05/2013

Energy Saving

You can save up to 90% of the energy by using LED which is currently consumed by your old incandescent and halogen lamps, with strongly sufficient light output. To save the energy is the best for you and environment by reducing CO2 emission and energy which means it can save your bill.  

Life span

The life span of the Led lamp is over 50.000 working hours. This means that the Led lamp is about 50 times longer than the incandescent bulb. As we know, the price of the Led lamp is quite high compare with the incandescent lamp but the longer life span will be answer of high cost. If you compare the life span, the Led will cheaper cost than incandescent bulb.

Someone always say that Led bright light is different from incandescent bulb and the light output is too low. At present, many manufacturers can produce for the small unit to the street lighting which is suitable for every kind of usage with the light intensity for each situation and now we have wide range of Led lamp with differently intensity for light solution in existing traditional light source. 


Instant full light: The unique of Led technology. The Led immediately light up with full strength after switch on. Also the light output is full light without any waiting. This can help you to save the energy bulbs.

Reduce failure with Switches: The standard of the compact fluorescent lamps can be switched on and off between 3000-6000 times. The Led lamp don’t have the endless of switch on/off. The Led lamp can be installed in every locations included the place where the light is frequently switching, for example, lavatories or corridors with sensors without any breaking down. 

5 misunderstand about the Led

- The Led lamp can not create warm light colours.

- The Led lamp is non-dimmable.

- The Led lamp will drop its light after 35.000 working hours.

- Led lamps are expensive.

- The Led lamp is fit only for Industrial 


Instant Replacement: As the Led lamps comes with standard bases. This means that the Led lamp can replace with the conventional bulb and spotlight without any changing the fixture. The Led lamp will fit to all standard fixtures.

Various Applications: As the Led is small size with small dimension, so it can be applied with many light sources, shapes and sizes. Also we are able to create the application with all new kind of luminaire. 

Calculated Saving

LED lights last 10 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb and are four times more efficient. LED lighting uses nearly 80 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb does, which translates to financial savings for you and a cleaner environment. 

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