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Date posted: 10/07/2012

Magnetic HID control gear

BMS and BMH magnetic chokes from Mestar are robust and extremely cost-effective solutions with long live service. In these chokes the impedance is matched to the particular lamp type so mercury vapour lamps, sodium lamps and metal halide lamps are guaranteed to operate according to the manufacturers′ specifications and achieve their maximum luminous flux.

BMS type

Mercury vapour lamps are operated with chokes without additional ignitors. There is also no need for thermal protection as there is no rectifier effect when the lamps come to the end of their lives.

Apart from a choke, sodium lamps – like most metal halide lamps without integrated starters – need an ignitor to provide the ignition pulse to start them. Because of the rectifier effect when the lamp comes to the end of its life the chokes have to have thermal protection.

BMS and BMH chokes are characterized by extremely low power consumption, compact windings and minimal leakage field – and therefore very low noise. The result is a high level of efficiency. Small dimensions and high-quality materials complement their application-related properties.

BMH type

Application-oriented design

Magnetic chokes from Mestar are available in single or multi-voltage versions these chokes can be used for different mains voltages in different areas.

Chokes with pulse taps are optimised to operate in conjunction with pulse ignitors from Mestar. These chokes supply very high ignition energy and are also designed for high ignition voltage, resulting in high levels of reliability. Chokes with power taps are suitable for street lighting that switch at certain times to energy-saving settings.

Chokes with double insulation for safety class 2 luminaires have compact designs because Mestar uses high-quality insulation inside the core. All the versions have a reversible thermal protector rated at 155 0C and a thermal cutout that triggers at 2140C. The cutout is located in the chokes to ensure reliable thermal contact and rapid triggering.

Design for long life

Because of their high-quality insulation material, coil core and copper wire, chokes in the BMH and BMS from Mestar achieve a maximum life of approximately 100,000 hours of operation, in other words about ten years of constant use at a winding temperature of 1300C (tw = 1300C). The winding temperature is the ambient temperature plus the increase in temperature due to the power consumption of the unit. A change in temperature of 100C down or up leads to a doubling or halving of the life of the unit. 


Constant high quality

The consistently high quality and reliability of magnetic chokes from Mestar are guaranteed by the use of high-grade materials together with manufacturing processes certified to ISO 9001. Fully automatic manufacture also ensures constant reproducible quality. All the chokes are subjected to 100 % final testing and safety testing.


Standards and approval marks


Magnetic chokes for HID lamps from Mestar are ENEC certified, carry the CE mark and meet all the relevant European as well as international standards relating to safety, operation and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

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