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Ngày đăng tin: 22/12/2012

The lighting sector in Vietnam is consuming a huge amount of electricity, about 25% of the national total. Thus, a high-tech, energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting system will reduce the pressure on scarce energy supply.

According to research by the Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam, the lighting sector in our country now uses a large amount of traditional lighting devices such as incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting, which consume much energy. Therefore, although the illuminated space is modest compared with the demand for lighting, the lighting rate of the country is still significantly higher than that in other countries. Without effective intervention, Vietnam would suffer heavy waste in the public lighting industry and unnecessary contribution to national emissions inventory. 

In the future, the Vietnamese lighting industry needs to consider how to harmonize lighting, taking into account the light pollution. 

Mr. Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of the Center for Energy Efficiency HCMC said, one of the biggest barriers to widespread development of high-performance lighting in Vietnam is the lack of knowledge, skills and information of policy makers, designers, manufacturers, and the operation and maintenance teams. In addition, businesses involved in the production of these products share a common concern, i.e., finance. They dare not risk investing in such high-cost products.

While removing incandescent bulbs, electricity experts claim that we should speed up the development of LED lighting technology - a super power saving and environment friendly source of the 21st century. To promote the development of LED lighting technology, experts said that policies should support and encourage enterprises, institutions and research centers so that high-performance lighting technology in general and LED lighting technology in particular would be recognized and developed. At the same time, solutions of design, management and operation of the lighting system should receive more attention and awareness. LEDs are evaluated as compact in size, emitting virtually no heat, leading long life, consuming as low as 25% of ordinary light power, while having higher performance.


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