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Bóng đèn tiết kiệm điện Essential/Genie - Philips

Bóng đèn tiết kiệm điện Essential/Genie - Philips

Product Description
• Philips Essential range consists of energy saving, value for money lamps
• Available in 3W, 5W, 8W, 11W, 14W, 18W, 23W, 35W, 50W and 70W
• Available in three colour temperatures: Warm White (2700k), Cool White (4000K) and Cool Daylight (6500K)
• Available in E27/B22 caps
Product Features
• Reduces energy costs by 80% over Incandescent lamp
• Lifetime of 4 years
• Affordable replacements for incandscent lamps, designed for any general lighting application
• Not suitable for dimmers, or remote controls
• Recommended to be used in open luminaires



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