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Bóng đèn huỳnh quang Philips Lifemax - Philips

Bóng đèn huỳnh quang Philips Lifemax - Philips

Product Description
• Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 26 mm envelope
• Highly effi cient 3-band fl uorescent coating in combination with New Generation precoating technology
• High initial lumen output
• Available in varying color designations
• Low mercury dose (3 mg)
• MASTER TL-D lamps are fully recyclable
• End-cap has green bottom plate to identify lamp as recyclable and sustainable product
• Special fluorescent coating gives good color rendering
• Relatively high effi cacy, both initially and during lamp lifetime, with high lumen maintenance
• Create atmospheres from warm white to cool daylight
• Suitable for use in a wide range of luminaires for TL-D fl uorescent lamps for ‘human’ applications such as schools, offi ces, shops, factory halls etc.
• Can be used with conventional or HF electronic gear
• Higher effi cacy is achieved with HF electronic gear



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