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Bóng đèn TL5 Essential - Philips

Bóng đèn TL5 Essential - Philips

Pruduct Description
• Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 16mm envelope
• Allow system miniaturisation and maximum luminaire design freedom
• Lamp lengths enable easy fi tting into ceiling module systems
• Offers higher effi ciencies and energy savings compared with TL-D lamps
• Virtually constant lumen level with excellent lumen maintenance
• Good color rendering
• 40% thinner than TL-D lamps
• High lamp effi cacies up to 104 lm/W
• Highly effi cient 3-band fl uorescent coating in combination with precoating
• Specifi cally designed for operation with electronic gear and well suited for dimming
• Maximum lumen output reached at approx. 35°C in free-burning position if an HF electronic ballast without additional electrode heating is used
• Can be ignited from -15° to +50°C
• Green end-plate indicates full recyclable lamp technology
• Ideally suited for recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires in applications like offi ces, shops, schools, public buildings and industry (low ceiling), wherever high-quality, energy-effective lighting is required


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