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Bóng cao áp MASTER SON (-T) PIA Plus - Philips

Bóng cao áp MASTER SON (-T) PIA Plus - Philips

Product Description
• High Pressure Sodium lamp with opalized ovoid outer bulb, high output and long reliable lifetime
Product Features
• Ovoid, internally white coated outer bulb
• Ceramic discharge tube with Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for a long and reliable lifetime
• Robust construction with few welding points, vibration-and shock-resistant, further reducing early failures and extending lamp life
• ZrCo getter ensures high lumen maintenance and few early failures
• “Plus” concept with high effi cacy translated into high light output
• Completely lead-free lamps
Product Benefits
• Superior technology resulting in a long and reliable lifetime, high lumen maintenance and a reliable ignition over lifetime
• High energy effi cacy and absence of lead (Pb) makes this a sound environmental offer
• High luminous effi cacy makes this the most energy effi cient HPS lamp
• Road and residential lighting
• Industrial lighting both indoor and outdoor
• Recreational sports facilities


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