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Bóng cao áp SON-T PIA Eco - Philips

Bóng cao áp SON-T PIA Eco - Philips

Product Description
• SON-T PIA ECO, the latest high-pressure sodium lamps from Philips, is designed for high luminous efficiency and low power consumption. It provides an easy way to upgrade to energy saving solution in existing installation. Available in 130W, 220W and 360W.
• Superior technology results in a long and reliable lifetime, high lumen maintenance and a reliable ignition over lifetime
• High energy efficacy and absence of lead (Pb) makes this a sound environmental offer
• Up to 10% lower energy consumption which makes this a more energy efficient HPS lamp compared to the traditional SON lamp
• An easy retrofit solution which allows the direct replacement of existing SON lamps
• Clear tubular outer bulb
• Ceramic discharge tube with Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for a long and reliable lifetime
• Robust construction with few welding points is highly vibrationand shock-resistant, further reducing early failures and extending lamp life
• ZrCo getter ensures high lumen maintenance and few early failures
• “Eco” concept with high efficacy translated into same light level as SON-T but lower energy consumption
• Completely lead-free lamps
• Road and residential lighting
• Decorative floodlighting, illumination
• Recreational sports facilities Outdoor


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