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Bóng Metal Halide MASTER HPI (-T) Plus - Philips

Bóng Metal Halide MASTER HPI (-T) Plus - Philips

Product Description
• Quartz metal halide lamps with opalized outer bulb
Product Features
• Ovoid, internally white coated outer bulb
• Unique 3-band technology resulting in high luminous effi cacy,
both initially and over long lifetime
• Available in cool white and daylight color appearance demonstrating good color stability
• “S”-type for direct retrofi t for HPL lamps
• “P”-type for use without protective front shield
Product Benefits
• High safety and comfort level, maintained over life
• Minimal maintenance cost
• Initial investment saving options with “Plus”-concept and “S” and “P”-types
• Adjustable atmosphere creation by using appropriate color temperature
• High bay lighting, e.g. industrial workshops, exhibition halls, hypermarkets, shopping malls, DIY stores, churches, airports and train stations
• HPI Plus BU-P and BUS-P suitable for use in open luminaires
• For other HPI Plus lamps a protective front glass is required
• Can be run on HPI-gear as well as on SON-gear (“Plus”-concept). The results in both light output and color temperature are different
• HPI Plus BUS and BUS-P types require an HPL-ballast and no ignitor


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