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Bóng Metal Halide MH-NaSc - Philips

Bóng Metal Halide MH-NaSc - Philips

Product Description
• Sodium Scandium Metal Halide Lamps consisting of a gas-fi lled glass bulb, which alternatively are clear or internal coated, and a quartz discharge tube (DT)
Product Features
• Quartz discharge tube containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of Sodium and Scandium halides, which contribute to multi-lines spectra; with Ar to aid ignition
• Better color rendering index around 60
• Luminous effi cacy up to 90 lm/W
• Low wattage lamps with extra quartz tube around DT to prevent the risk of outer bulb shattering when abnormal operated or to the end of life
• Universal operation position permitted
Product Benefit
• Energy saving solution with better color appearance and rendering property for conventional version
• Stadium and sports facilities lighting
• Industrial and commercial lighting – factory, supermarket and exhibition hall etc.
• Public lighting – square, station, port, airport etc.
• Decorative fl ood lighting – monument, buildings e.g. hotel
• MH-NaSc must be used in a luminaire with a hard-glass cover to protect against possible discharge tube shattering
• Protected structure of low wattage lamps allows lower luminaires’ protection level


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