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Bóng cao áp Metal Halide MHN-SA/LA - Philips

Bóng cao áp Metal Halide MHN-SA/LA - Philips

Product Description
• Compact quartz metal halide lamps with double-pinch
Product Features
• Very compact source (Short Arc) with high luminous efficacy and superior color rendering
• Double-pinch concept results in long lifetime
• Natural white color appearance, high color rendering and good color stability
• Daylight color temperature eases transition from daylight to artifi cial lighting
Product Benefits
• Allows compact and very efficient luminaire systems with high precision optics for good beam control and minimal spill light
• Very good color rendering creates a pleasant ambience with high visual comfort for players and spectators
• Continuous spectral distribution offers a superior solution for (semi-) professional stadiums with regular TV coverage
• Professional sports lighting and fl oodlighting
• MHN-SA lamps require UV-absorbing and protective front glass and correct thermal behavior for optimal lamp performance


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