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Bóng đèn Metal Halide MHN-TD - Philips

Bóng đèn Metal Halide MHN-TD - Philips

Product Description
• Doubled-ended lamps housed in a tubular clear UV-Block quartz evacuated outer envelop
Product Features
• High lamp efficacy results in low operating costs and low heat generation
• Compact size for smaller luminaire
• Different ambiance by three color temperature (3000K, 4200K and 5200K)
• Long life time compare to incandescent and halogen lamps
• UV-Block for reduced aging of plastic components in luminaires
• Shops and shop windows, offices and public buildings
• Decorative outdoor lighting, city beautifi cation
• Billboard
• It must be used in a luminaire with a hard-glass cover to protect against possible discharge tube shattering
• Must be used in combination with ballasts and ignitor
• Lamp is designed to operate on coventional SON system. For conventional gear, the lamp must only be used on SON 70W (reactor or constant wattage) ballast which comply with the lamp operating limits as defi ned in 60662-IEC-1020-2.
• The Mains voltage may only deviate by max. +6/-8% from the voltage indicated on the type plate. Operation of lamps beyond nominal line voltage and frequency for extended period of time (>25% of design life) can result in reduce lamp life.
• Warm restart time can be up to 15 minutes. If the lamp does not start (e.g. with T5 ignitors).


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