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Bóng đèn Master LED PAR 38 Dim - Philips

Bóng đèn Master LED PAR 38 Dim - Philips

Product Description
• The design of PHILIPS MASTER LED PAR 38 integrates a high power LED light source with an excellent thermal management solution in a standard halogen form-factor. This replacement lamp provides the light intensity and quality produced by traditional halogen refl ector lamps of 75W
• MASTER LED PAR 38 is ideal for a myriad of applications including display case fixtures, general lighting, plus industrial OEM equipment lighting
Design Highlights
• Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard halogen and incandescent spot lamps
• Long lifetime (B50, L70) of 45,000 hours (20,000 hours for outdoor)
• Operates at 230VAC and its form-factor is designed as a direct retrofit into PAR 38 fi xtures
• Highly focused beam for a clearly defi ned beam spread
• CCT: 2700K
• No UV and cool beam (no IR)
• Environmental friendly, without mercury or any hazardous substances
• RoHS compliant
Application Areas
• PHILIPS MASTER LED PAR 38 lamp is suitably designed for spot and general lighting applications in shops and hotels.
• Unlike the conventional halogen refl ector lamps, PHILIPS MASTER LED PAR 38 lamp, with only 16W power consumption, has a long lifetime of 45,000 hours (20,000 hours for outdoor), ensuring minimum maintenance cost in public areas such as:
– Underwater lights with waterproof luminaire
– Corridors / Stairway
– Lobby / Reception areas
Application Notes
• Operating temperature range is between -20°C and 45°C ambient
• Only to apply in dry indoor environments (except the outdoor version) and open fi xtures with PAR 38 lamp-holder that offer sufficient space (10mm free air space)
• Not intended for use with emergency light fi xtures or exit lights
• For use in fixtures that can structurally support lamp weighing more than half kilogram
• Suitable for outdoor use -risk of electrical shock- must be used with light shining down- or sideward. Suitable for Class 1 luminaire only.


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