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Bóng đèn LED nến Novalier - Philips

Bóng đèn LED nến Novalier - Philips

Product Description
• Novalier 3W E14 2700K 230V B35 CL Dim integrates high power LED light source and unique optical lens design into traditional incandescent form-factor. The lamp offers natural warm light with beautiful sparkling effect, while only consuming 3W of energy, saving a lot on replacement and maintenance cost.
• Novalier 3W E14 2700K 230V B35 CL Dim is ideal for installation in various kinds of fi xtures where people can easily enjoy the art of light played together with glass. Lamps can perfectly work with crystal chandeliers, wall sconces where lamps are exposed or modern fixtures with glass shield.
Design Highlights
• Classical outlook meets the need of OEM lumi-makers
• Unique optical design allows for sparkling light
• Low power consumption - 3 Watt only
• Long-lifetime of 20,000 hours (B50, L70)
• Dimmable with recommended dimmers
• Warm white CCT 2700K available
• No UV and Cool beam (no IR)
• Environmental friendly, no Mercury or any other hazardous substances
• Low Carbon Footprint
Application Areas
• Novalier 3W E14 2700K 230V B35 CL Dim is ideal for elite shops, luxury restaurants, hotels and bars to impress their guests by offering them different ambiences and unique experiences.
• Beside of offering a nice & warm ambience, Novalier 3W E14 2700K 230V B35 CL Dim, has a longer lifetime of up to 20,000 hours (equivalent to 13 years if lit 4hrs a day) which enables the minimum lamp maintenance cost. It can provide the best “green & economical” solution for users who desire to cut off their electricity bills while at the same time not willing to sacrifi ce the aesthetic appearance of the chandelier or luminaire.
Special Recommendation:
– Chandeliers/wall sconces/modern fi xtures
Application Notes
• Operating temperature range between -20°C and 40°C ambient
• Designed for indoor application, not suggested for outdoor application. However can be used in well covered outdoor areas
• Dimmable with most of leading edge dimmers in the market (refer to the recommended dimmer list in the last page)
• Not intended for use with emergency light fi xtures or exit lights


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