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Nowadays, lighting technology can do much more than simply provide illumination. MESTAR is providing professional & tailored-made lighting services that give you the quality of light you need with effective energy cost, while improving your operational outcomes.

Our MESTAR lighting services range including:

  • Assessing your current lighting system to propose an effective plan and options – Consulting Service
  • Designing a new lighting system or re-designing basing on the plan – Designing service
  • Pre-installation on-site survey, installation of selected luminaires, documented installation process – Installation service
  • Providing preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance to maximize lifetime and effectiveness of the lighting system – Maintenance service
  • Providing technical remote support 24/7 to guarantee lighting performance – Technical support
  • Providing long-life LED light to retrofit your current traditional lighting system at our costs, charging monthly rental costs which saved from reduced power consumption – Lighting rental (Lighting as service)

Let us take care of your lighting system, we shall make your lighting system an integral part of your company’s success, you just focus & take care of your business!