VIVID S2 - FLEXIBLE LINEAR LIGHT VIVID S2, the most reliable dot-free silicon flexible linear light, horizotal bend-able, offers seamless fittings built to preserve light uniformity. Engineered for on-site configuration and assembly makes VIVID S2 the definite solution for architectural accents and signage. VIVID S2 flexibility is just one of the many outstanding features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns, previously not possible.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• Horizotal bend-able.
• Unique optical light distribution structure design, uniform lighting surface and no shadow.
• High light transmittance, environmental protection grade silicone material, integrated extrusion molding process.
• Flexible and cuttable module to support design freedom.
• Long operational length per single power feed possible up to 20m for CC PCB type, 5m for CV PCB type.
• 24V technology for easy dimensioning.
• IP67 protection level, salt solution resistance, acids & alkalis, corrosive gases, fire and UV.
• Excellent toughness, simple and stylish appearance, delicate and unique.
• Reliable connection over long periods of time: IP66/67 connector with built-in protection against liquids penetrating
through the wires into the LED strip.
• L70/B50 > 50,000hrs.
Applications areas
• Architectural façade lighting.
• General and cove lighting.
• Glass grazing illumination.
Mounting type
• Surface mount with aliminium clips or aluminium profile.


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Product Family

ID code: MI8SVS0612S-5W
ID code: MI8SVS0612S-10W