SOLID - SAFETY LUMINAIRE SOLID is a consistent design safety luminaire provides an even, homogenous light distribution. It is easy to install and confi­gure as a semi-recessed and surface mounted luminaire on walls and ceiling. The ­fitting is rated IP65 for use in a variety of locations. Emergency pictograms are on sticked placed outside the diffuser.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

1. IP65 rated for use in a variety of locations
2. Slim and modern design
3. Efficient and reliable LED light source
4. Suitable for ceiling or wall mount
5. Semi-reccessed mount by combining recessed frame accessories (optional).
Application Areas
It is designed for emergency lighting applications in office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel, etc.
It is also widely used for public areas, such as stairway, lobby, reception, corridors etc.
• LED fixtures are warranted for 5 years.
• Batteries are warranted for 2 years (Ni-Cd battery).


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MEM-EM3-ST-MT-3H