BLADE - SAFETY SIGN LUMINAIRE BLADE is compact and decorative design with high luminance performance safety sign luminaire. It is suitable for various mounting way such as ceiling, wall, track, recessed, pendant and side mounting. LED self contained luminaire with manual test. Replaceable pictogram design, including arrow right, left, down, up... Pictogram inserts all in one package.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

1. Compact and decorative design.
2. Double face universal.
3. Replaceable pictogram design.
4. Ceiling or wall mounting.
5. Li-ion battery, long life time.
Application Areas
It is designed for emergency lighting applications in office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel, etc. It
is also widely used for public areas, such as stairway.
• LED fixtures are warranted for 5 years.
• Batteries are warranted for 3 years (Li-ion battery).


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MEX-EX1-MT-3H-CM-D
ID code: MEX-EX1-MT-3H-CM-S