NEW LED TRIPLINE V-SHAPE BATTEN NEW LED TRIPLINE V-Shape batten luminaires use in single LED tube lamp version suited to general and industrial lighting. It has 180° reflection design so that gives wide illumination. The luminaire can be suspended or directed ceiling mounted

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• Housing is made of 0.5mm high quality strength steel sheet which is painted with undergo rust removal, grease removal, rustproof treatment and full spray-coated treatment in white, no rust will appear in normal indoor use for over 8 -10 years.
• Housing has 180º reflection design so that gives wide illumination and easy for mounting and maintenance.
• Using MESTAR LED tubes is highly efficient, saves the energy and has long life service.
Applications areas
• Normal industries, office buildings, shopping malls, discount stores, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and other indoor public spaces etc.
• Mounting: Suitable for build-in ceiling, build-in wall, suspending.
• Installation: Ceiling mounted, wall mounted, suspended hook, suspended chain.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: TBT024136LED
ID code: TBT024236LED
ID code: TBT024336LED