FLEXA 3 - LED STRIP LIGHTS FLEXA 3 is really and excellently LED strips series with professional design to guarantee lighting performance. Thanks to filling with anti-UV polyurethane and processing by irrigation methods sealing glue, it not only ensure high quality of lighting color consistency but also protect products outdoor against from harsh environments outdoors. It’s can be used for decoration lighting and guidance lighting outdoors, the higher CRI (90) delivers good performance of lighting in color rendering

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• High color rendering index (CRI>90) for better vivid color rendering.
• High efficiency, up to 90lm/w.
• SDCM ≤ 5, better color consistency for visual comfort.
• Optional CCT: 2200K/2400K/2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K for different application.
• Dimmable with external Triac/PWM/0-10V/DALi drivers.
• 24VDC, class III for safety use.
• IP68, sealed with anti-UV polyurethane without color shifting and anti-UV aging.
• Long lifespan 50000 hrs.
• L70B50@54000hrs.
• Short cuttable unit suitable for furniture lighting and for unpredictable requirements.
• Lead cable 360mm for connection.
• CE, UL and RoHS certified.
• Decorative lighting.
• Guidance lighting.
• Cover lighting.
• Indirect lighting.
• Wall washer lighting.
• Swimming pool.
• Installation in accordance with national standard and local electrical codes.
• This product must be installed and maintained by qualified electricant.
• See Safety warning for more information before installation.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MI8S-J2835-4.8W-Cx-B120-V24-60S-HZ
ID code: MI8S-J2835-8.5W-Cx-B120-V24-30S-HZ
ID code: MI8S-J2835-10W-Cx-B120-V24-60S-HZ
ID code: MI8S-J2835-14.4W-Cx-B120-V24-60S-HZ
ID code: MI8S-J2835-19.2W-Cx-B120-V24-120S-HZ