FLEXA RGB - LED STRIP LIGHTS FLEXA RGB is color changing SMD 5050 LEDs strip light series. This product series are as versatile as they are customizable and can be installed in basically any space you can imagine. Using a remote controller, you can change the settings, brightness, and colors of the light strips to almost any color you can imagine! The IP65 rating means that the LED strip lights are able to withstand jets and splashes of water from all sides. The IP68 can be submerged in water. We also recommend outdoor lights for use indoors in high splash areas or if you're looking for a strip that is easier to clean.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• The overall jump and gradient can be realized by the controller.
• 120o Beam Angle.
• Intergrated RGB LED chips, bright and pure color.
• 3M adhesive for a strong bond to the weatherproof silicone sleeve.
• Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency.
• 24VDC, class III for safety use.
• Highest quality components premium packaged 5050 SMD LEDs.
• IP20 for indoor use only.
• IP65 rated with non-yellowing and UV resistant silicone sleeve for indoor and outdoor use.
• IP68, sealed with anti-UV polyurethane without color shifting and anti-UV aging.
• 50,000 Hour lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years).
• Lead cable 360mm for connection.
• CE, UL and RoHS certified.
• DMX512 control system.
• RGB Remote Control.
• Color controllable cove lighting.
• Signage.
• Back-lighting.
• Edge lighting.
• Store display lighting.
• Hotel lobbies.
• Architectural displays.
• Under cabinet lighting.
• Installation in accordance with national standard and local electrical codes.
• This product must be installed and maintained by qualified electricant.
• See Safety warning for more information before installation.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MI8S-R5050-7.2W-RGB-B120-V24-30S
ID code: MI8S-S5050-7.2W-RGB-B120-V24-30S
ID code: MI8S-J5050-7.2W-RGB-B120-V24-30S
ID code: MI8S-R5050-14.4W-RGB-B120-V24-60S
ID code: MI8S-S5050-14.4W-RGB-B120-V24-60S
ID code: MI8S-J5050-14.4W-RGB-B120-V24-60S