CRYSTAL GLASS T8 LED TUBE MESTAR crystal glass T8 LED tube are commonly used for office lighting and can replace fluorescent lights in both parabolic and indirect light fixtures. They work best in climate controlled areas with standard ceiling heights, including office, retail space, hospitality, school. LED tubes are an energy efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes. They also boast better color rendering and require less maintenance.

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Technical Specifications

Product Features
MESTAR crystal glass T8 LED tube switches from fluorescent tubes to LED, giving more cost efficiency by providing the same amount of lumen output with less energy consumption. 250o beam angle glass LED tube offers the soft and bright light distribution.
• Input voltage: AC100-277V/AC200-240, 50/60Hz.
• Instant on, no delay.
• Power efficiency up to 90%
• Easy and convenient installation, single-ended wiring for lighting projects.
• Working temperature: -20~45oC, storage temperature: -30~60oC.
• Seamless, uniform glass tube design with frosted or clear cover for choice.
• Aluminum alloy end cap is attached. Customized colors available.
• MESTAR crystal glass T8 LED tube do not burn out easily and provide bright and even lighting to schools, office
spaces, retail stores and storage rooms.
• Wide beam angle: 250o.
• Color temperature 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K, with CRI > 80.
• Several efficiency for choice: 100lm/W, 130lm/W, 150lm/W, 170lm/W, 180lm/W.
• No mercury and virtually no UV emission.
• CB, CE, C-TICK, SAA certified.
• 3 years limited warranty.


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Product Family

ID code: TLC2F130-9W
ID code: TLC2F150-9W
ID code: TLC4F130-18W
ID code: TLC4F150-18W