TRIMLESS 1 - LED RECESSED DOWNLIGHT Trimless 1 is the recessed ceiling luminaire for indoor use. The manufacture process is extremely strict, high quality output with CE, ROHS certified. Its excellent light brings comfort and good experience to the users.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• Housing adopts ADC12 aluminum heat sink to make sure a better heat dissipation and keep a long lifespan.
• All types are designed for 3-12meters height optical requirements.
• Users could enjoy a great lighting effect visible brightness, invisible light source.
• Use LED chip COB BRIDGELUX with high luminous efficiency, SDCM ≤3, high CRI, soft light, free heat radiation and harmful metal, environment friendly product.
• Glare cut >40°, UGR90 for a more real lighting effect.
• Warranty 3 years.
Application area
• Applied to resort, hotel, restaurant 5 stars, etc.
Mounting type
• Recessed ceiling.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MI1CTL01A751-7.5W
ID code: MI1CTL01A752-7.5W
ID code: MI1CTL01A753-7.5W
ID code: MI1CTL01A751-10W
ID code: MI1CTL01A752-10W
ID code: MI1CTL01A753-10W
ID code: MI1CTL01A751-12W
ID code: MI1CTL01A752-12W
ID code: MI1CTL01A753-12W
ID code: MI1CTL01A751-15W
ID code: MI1CTL01A752-15W
ID code: MI1CTL01A753-15W