VENUS 2 - DIRECTIONAL DOWNLIGHT VENUS 2 is standard flexible directional downlight series, providing a luxury lighting solution for decoration indoor space. The strong structure contains varies lighting output gate forms with optional combination, and a variety of beam angle optic option and accessories which can be replaced as wish. Depending on the needs of different be decorate space functions, designers can choose beam angle, color temperature and finishing covers.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• Heat sink in die-cast aluminum includes a radiant surface that guarantees optimal heat dissipation.
• Reflector finish with 2 option, sanded black for glare-cut, metallized, thermoplastic, high definition
for maximizing lighting output.
• Structure featuring a die-cast aluminum external contact frame with white finish as standard or
Black, Nickel brushed in option.
• Remote driver is included, available with on-off wiring and dimmable versions.
• Color temperature option: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K.
• Color rendering index: Ra>90.
• Tilting rotation adjustable by 45°.
• Controlled luminance emissions, UGR<12 super comfort versions.
• Designed with the cut-off angle of 36° to keep light out of the sight.
• Widely used in decoration lighting, building lighting, entertainment lighting, shop lighting, exhibition hall lighting, etc
• Ceiling recessed


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MI1CVN704-A1-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-A2-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-A3-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B1-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B2-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B3-9W
ID code: MI1CVN704-A1-12W
ID code: MI1CVN704-A2-12W
ID code: MI1CVN704-A3-12W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B1-12W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B2-12W
ID code: MI1CVN704-B3-12W