IP65 SURFACE CEILING LIGHT IP65 surface ceiling light is the surface luminaire for indoor/outdoor use. The manufacture process is extremely strict, high quality output with CE, ROHS certified. Its excellent light brings comfort and good experience to the users.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• In jection for PC housing and PC cover offering IP65 protection against moisture and dustandan impact rating of ik08.
• Aluminium based led module for better heat dissipating.
• Easy for wire connection at the back side of the housing, no need to opent he fitting.
• Easy installation by ceiling through two holes at the frame of the housing.
• Led-based provides energy efficient solution and reduces maintenance costs, uniform light, no dark area.
Ingress protection (IP)
• The lights meets the requirements of the IP65 level through rigorous testing.
• Carparks, industrial areas, offices, corridors, supermarkets and shops, bakeries, storagea reas etc.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MI2SCL220-10W
ID code: MI2SCL280-20W
ID code: MI2SCL350-24W