MINI UPPER 1 - IN-GROUND LUMINAIRE MINI UPPER 1 is the beautiful way to add some attractive lighting to your outdoor living space. With impression light outputs, they are perfect for decking and ground lights.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

• Front cover: hard chrome plated stainless steel.
• Housing: aluminum anodized finish.
• Light window: tempered step glass. T=2mm.
• Gasket: silicone rubber molding shaped seal.
• Recessed sleeve material: PC/ABS alloys.
• Optical lens with multi beam angle option and efficiency ≥ 85%.
• CCT: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5700K/6500K.
• DC24V input voltage.
• IP classification: IP67.
Applications areas
• Stair step indicator, porch wall foot, roads, squares, sidewalks, garden, patio, yard, lawn, pool deck, pathway,driveway, walkway, bridges marker, etc.
• Ground recessed, floor recessed.


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MS2BPR0157-1x1.5W
ID code: MS2BPS0157-1x1.5W
ID code: MS2BPR0134-0.5W
ID code: MS2BPS0134-0.5W