WALL RECESSED LED POOL LIGHT Wall recessed led pool light is the recessed luminaire for outdoor use. The manufacture process is extremely strict, high quality output with CE, ROHS certified. Its excellent light brings comfort and good experience to the users.

Approvals and markings

Technical Specifications

Front cover & Housing: Hard chrome plated molding shaped stainless steel sus 316L#
Gasket: Silicone gasket
Light window: Step tempered glass. T=8mm
Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 cooper with nickel-coated.
PCB: Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat
Conductivity ≥ 2.0w/mk
LED Driver: Constant Voltage input. Constant current output
Application environment: Temperature of water between -20oC~40oC less than 1 meter depth.
Power cable:H07RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=3.0m
H07RN-F 4X1.0mm2 L=3.0m (for RGB)
Mounting sleeve: 058# PVC
Dimmable support: Triac, PWM, 1 -10, Dali


Light symbol

Product color

Product Family

ID code: MS4XC0457-4x2W
ID code: MS4AXC0457-4x2W