At our company, people are considered the most valuable resource. Developing and enhancing the autonomy, efficiency, and happiness of employees is a priority over all business goals. To ensure this, we apply the following principles: 

1. Selecting ethical and self-respecting personnel: 

• We focus on recruiting personnel with ethics, competence, and self-respect 

• Employees are expected to respect and adhere to the company’s business ethics principles 

2. Employee training and development: 

• We are committed to investing in training and developing employees to enhance their work efficiency and positive contributions to the company 

3. Monitoring and evaluating performance: 

• We use economic indicators to monitor and evaluate staff performance, thereby enhancing management capabilities and shaping the company’s strategies 

4. Information sharing and creating a sincere work environment: 

• We encourage information sharing to create an open, honest, and cohesive working environment throughout the company 

5. Creating conditions and empowering employees: 

• We create favorable conditions and empower employees to manage and shape their work, aiming to enhance the company’s effectiveness and autonomy



• Planning: Always have clear goals, strategies, and specific plans for execution. 

• Proactivity: Actively perform all tasks.

• Responsibility: Take 100% responsibility. 

• Innovation: Continuously improve, innovate, change to achieve progress and development. 

• Sincerity: Truthful, kind, and realistic in thoughts and actions. 

• Quality: Products and services must meet standards and exceed expectations. 

• Reputation: Maintain reputation as one’s life. 



“We always listen to understand the needs and expectations of customers and employees, continuously improve products, services, and welfare policies, aiming for maximum satisfaction for both customers and employees.” 

To achieve this goal, we commit to: 

• Product and service improvement: Investing in research and continuous improvement to meet the increasing demands of customers. 

• People: Training and encouraging all employees for holistic development, including mindset, intellect, mental and physical health to encourage creativity and innovation. 

• Management system: Building and continuously improving the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. 

• Compliance: Committing to comply with industry regulations and safety regulations for human health and the environment. 

• Quality infrastructure: Using feedback from customers and employees as a measure to continuously improve product quality, services, and policies. 



• The company is committed to actively contributing to improving health, saving energy, protecting the environment, and enhancing the convenience, beauty, and quality of life in the community and society. 

• Our slogan: “Healthy eyes, quality life, happiness for every family.”