LED emergency exit lights

LED emergency exit lights

ID code: MEX308SM LED

  • LED emergency exit lights

Product detail


Mode of operation: Maintained
Lamp: 0.9W – SMD LEDs chips
Rated duration: > 2 hours and others
Charging time: 24 hours (minimum)
Mains supply: 220 ~ 240Volts, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 3W
Battery: 3.6V, 900mAh Ni-Cd
Charge monitor: White LED Ø3mm (red for charging/green for power)
Test facility: Push-off test switch
Safety feature: Low voltage cut-off preventing battery overdischarge
Fitting construction: Aluminium housing, acrylic transparent panel, green symbol effect
Operating temp: -10 ~ +40 degree Celsius
Warranty: 1 year

Key features
+ High brightness output
+ High lumen/watt efficiency
+ Low power consumption
+ Low maintainance
+ Long lifespan